One of the most effective technologies to assist with security and WHS, CCTV systems are smarter and even more cost-effective now than ever.

Simple systems that cater for smaller offices and homes are relatively cheap yet they are depended on by authorities when reviewing an event.

Modern CCTV systems are now smarter and more functional, offering night vision, high resolution imagery and PoE capability as standard. There are general purpose cameras that cover most applications but for more specialised functionality, there are cameras that can perform specific tasks.

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Recommended Solutions

Camera Types

Dome / Bullet

Dome cameras are ideal for areas where the camera may be subject to weather, dust or vandalism. The dome serves to protect the camera but also makes it difficult to see where the actual lens is pointing.

Low Light Cameras (Infrared/Night Vision)

By using infrared, cameras can be used in low or no light conditions but still provide high-resolution images. It’s vital that you consider this when you choose a CCTV system. Ask our CCTV experts for their advice.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal imagery cameras are able to detect differences in temperatures and it doesn’t necessarily just mean humans. We’ve assisted companies detect theft, high traffic areas, and other valuable insights thanks to thermal imagery.

PTZ Cameras

Pan, Tilt Zoom cameras can adjust their lens to zoom in and out and turn from left to right using inbuilt mechanical motors. Ideal for areas that require more detail or coverage, a PTZ camera comes into its own for particular applications.

Used in areas where good signal strength is available or cabling will be difficult a wireless camera can sometimes be a useful addition. They are sometimes dependant on good WiFi or signal strength to deliver solid performance but we can assist you with this easily.

Modern technology allows for cameras to be so small that they can be hidden or not easily seen. These cameras are now capable of providing quality imagery. There are privacy issues that you need to consider, our licensed security advisors can assist you with this.

Recording & Storage

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a critical part of your system as it records and stores CCTV footage.

How much storage do you need now and into the future?

Our licensed security advisors can guide you through this.

An option for storage is a cloud-based system whereby all footage is stored in the cloud. It can be a cheaper method up front however there are typically on-going subscription costs that need to be compared. Another benefit is the unlimited amount of storage capacity.

Some great benefits of cloud storage are:

Industrial-grade solid state storage saves up to 365 days of video

Bandwidth-friendly cameras operate at just 5-20kbps

Industrial-grade solid state storage saves up to 365 days of video


Video Management Systems (VMS)

Enterprise security solutions are in a different class than basic, at-home / SoHo DVR systems, and this technology can help you find, isolate, and extract the most critical moments of footage from your systems using AI and machine learing. Some VMS systems also allow you to integrate multiple security systems into one interface, allowing access control, intrusion and CCTV to be managed from one application.

Identify and analyze critical incidents faster with advanced analytics. VMS systems with advances analytics can deliver access to features such as object detection and tracking while artificial intelligence employs deep learning technology to condense hours of footage into minutes and gives the ability to track different objects and their direction of travel, size and speed.

For example you might want to track all people moving in a northerly direction wearing a yellow t-shirt between the hours of 3pm and 4pm on a certain day. Once you enter those parameters on the system, it will then analyse all the footage form all cameras and return to you the relevant clips. Can you imagine how much time this would save on a large CCTV system?


A controversial but effective way to manage a number of platforms such as access control, payroll, WHS and others. The question over who owns the image and privacy of such remains to be a sticking point but for many organisations however, there are many benefits of facial recognition.
Imagine if you only had to walk into your office and the door just opened without you having to unlock it or fumble for your keys or fob?

CCTV Maintenance Programs

You get your car serviced and don’t question that it needs it. Security equipment should also be serviced to avoid breakdowns.

The purpose of this program is to conduct regular periodic maintenance with a view of reducing overall costs and eliminating emergency callouts to repair or replace cameras or your system.

Whether the system is new or older, a preventative maintenance program or evaluation will effectively lower asset maintenance costs as well as identifying where your CCTV assets are situated in terms of their life cycle.

We clean your cameras, repair or replace (if necessary) and check the software and NVR for updates and functioning.

Omega offers a Preventative Maintenance Program for any size property or campus.

We also offer a similar program for Access Control, Alarms and mechanical door hardware.

See Preventative Maintenance Programs 

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