Integrated solutions are the Gold standard of security and as a result require a comprehensive security analysis of your premises to integrate properly.

Some examples of the types of integrated solutions might be:
– When an alarm goes off it notifies a user and automatically shows them
the cameras for that area and flags that time in the cctv recording.

– CCTV that can use infrared to detect the temperature of a user and deny
them access to the building if they are running a temperature, while also
notifying any interested parties automatically.

– A system that notifies you automatically when someone access the office
out of hours and flags the cctv footage for review the next day.

The Salto access control platform can be integrated into other electronic security systems.

Recommended Solutions

COVID and Infection Control

Traditionally the role of security has been primarily aligned to the protection of assets and the safety of people. In recent times, the smart use of security technology has been untilised in reducing infection risk.

Security is one of our integral deployments to facilitate a safe reopening and a safer future. Smart technologies are going to play a major role in taking up the fight to minimise the spread of infections for the long term.

Here are some options for you to consider as part of your COVID-Safe plan and general WHS practice.

Want to reduce touch points within your office, apartments or school?

1. Touchless Push To Exit

Remove your traditional Push to Exit buttons with touchless exit devices. Modern and sleek, there are models to suit every interior. Installation is simple and a cost-effective addition to your COVID-Safe plan.

2. Step n' Pull

Door levers are one of the most touched areas in your office, factory or school and installing auto-openers can be an expensive option. Step n’ pull is an easily installed and cheap way to remove a touch point. It even allows you to open the door with your hands full!

3. Door Automation

For high-traffic doors, you can remove the need to physically touch the door at all. Automating doors provide a simple way to prevent touching from staff and external visitors. Don’t forget the simple door opener, it too can play a part in keeping doors open during peak times.


An innovative addition to the Salto range of electronic access control, BioCote®, is a leading antimicrobial silver ion technology that helps eliminate up to 99.99% of microbes on product surfaces to help provide a cleaner, safer and more hygienic environment for staff, students and visitors.

In the current environment, choosing an Antimicrobial surface on your new door hardware would provide peace of mind to your office or school.

If you have a requirement for larger volumes of people to be temperature checked, there are different solutions options for you to consider.

The simplest technology are standalone units that takes temperatures as people walk past.
The more complex models can be integrated into your access control or auto doors.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal imagery detects different temperatures of a chosen area. Of late, the most common temperature data is that of people.

The simplest technology are standalone units that takes temperatures as people walk past.
The more complex models can be integrated into your access control or auto doors whereby an elevated temperature prevents the door from opening.

Licensed Security Advisory

Omega Security Solutions employs several licensed and experienced security advisors.

Areas of specialisation include simple locksmithing matters all the way to complex, electronic security applications.

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Integrated Security Solutions

Having the ability to monitor Access Control, Intrusion Detection and even CCTV out of one system is possible – you can even do it remotely.

The latest technology makes it easy to use one platform to combine your systems for intelligent security.

Remote Locking Down of Facilities

Imagine being able to lock down your school or office instantly. In an emergency situation, having this ability is a critical part of your emergency management.

In a critical event, dedicated emergency push buttons are installed for staff to use. Lock down is a valuable tool not just for emergencies but also for making staff, students and customers feel safer.

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