You get your car serviced and don’t question that it needs it. Security equipment should also be serviced to avoid breakdowns.

Omega offers a Preventative Maintenance Program for any size property or campus.
The purpose of this program is to conduct regular periodic maintenance with a view of reducing overall costs and eliminating emergency callouts to repair or replace assets.

Even on small sites, this is a useful way to ensure that cameras provide clear and unobstructed vision when required, locks open smoothly and batteries are always in a charged state, the list goes on.

To get this started, our security-licensed team conduct a site survey, listing all security-related assets (cameras, door
locks, padlocks, PIRs, alarm panels etc) and after consultation with you, provide a bespoke maintenance program.

This can be periodic to suit your operational requirements.

We’ll ask a few questions relating to your site to get an idea of what’s important and what’s critical.

The benefits of a PMP?
• Effective lowering of asset maintenance  costs as well as identifying where your assets are situated in terms of their life cycle.
• Discounted labour rates for the life of the service, across PMP and project work.
• A tailored, detailed report is provided for all works carried out, including recommendations and quotes for any pre-emptive works required.

The report can be formatted in a way that allows for presentations or read by various stakeholders.

Contact our licensed security advisors for further information.

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