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What is ‘access control’?

  • In its simplest form it’s controlling ‘who can access a door, a place, a locker etc.
  • It can be mechanical (keys / locks) or electronic (fobs / mobile phones / swipe cards).
  • Each type protects well but both have distinct differences.


What is ‘intrusion detection’?

  • It’s identifying unauthorised access.
  • It works in multiple areas, your office or entire facility New technologies exist for remote detection and analysis
  • Cost effective


What is ‘Surveillance’?

  • CCTV can provide vision 24/7 and for many reasons
  • It’s an essential part of any security plan and OH&S
  • Cost effective, it can be scaled to suit your present and future needs
  • From a simple system to fully integrated, high security applications.


What is an ‘integrated solution’?

  • An integrated system combines multiple security solutions (CCTV, alarms, access control)

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